SWE Leading Members

How do you become a SWE Leading Member? It’s pretty simple, you must gain points by being an active member who is officially registered with SWE. Once you are a registered SWE member, you can get points by actively participating in the following activities:

Attend General Body Meetings – 1 point
Volunteering Events – 3 points
SWE Organized Events – 2 points
Recruit a Friend to Join SWE – 2 points

Our Leading Ladies of November 2018 are Heba Sattar and Dharani Mekala!


 Heba is originally from Pakistan but her parents moved to Chicago to further their education. She is a first year Bioengineering student and chose this major as she has always been interested in human physiology and engineering and design principles. Though they can be hard, she absolutely love physics and calculus as they involve complex problem solving strategies that she enjoys trying to figure out. She also thoroughly enjoys reading, swimming, and traveling as they increase her understanding of the world she live in. She is really enjoying her BioE classes and learning more about the complex field and is excited to pursue her career in it!

Dharani is from the Chicago suburbs about an hour away. She is a Computer Engineering major in her Sophmore year. She chose engineering because of her love for Math and Technology. Also the idea of creating, innovating, or building certain electronics or gadgets that may impact society one day is something she wants to be a part of. Her hobbies include reading, baking, and traveling!

Congratulations, Heba and Dharani! 


Past SWE Leading Members

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Amy Gozdowiak – February 2016

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Alpa Kotak – February 2016

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Ricardo Acros – March 2015


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