SWE Leading Members

How do you become a SWE Leading Member? It’s pretty simple, you must gain points by being active member who is officially registered with SWE. Once you are a registered SWE member, you can get points by actively participating in the following activities:

Attend General Body Meetings – 1 point
Volunteering Events – 3 points
SWE Organized Events – 2 points
Recruit a Friend to Join SWE – 2 points

Our Leading Lady of February 2018 is Lauren Craig!

Lauren is a junior pursuing a degree in bioengineering from Chicago, IL.  She decided to major in engineering because she has always had a passion for science, math, and medical related sciences throughout middle school and high school. Bioengineering, for Lauren, was the perfect combination of all of these interests, which led to her major choice. Having supportive parents and teachers and participating in extracurricular activities related to STEM helped drive her to choose engineering as well.  In her spare time, Lauren’s creative outlets are music and film. She has played alto saxophone for eleven years and enjoys videography and filmmaking


Congratulations, Lauren! 


Past SWE Leading Members


Ruchika Roy -November 2017

Evelyn Almonte - October 2017

Evelyn Almonte – October 2017

Claire Chappee - October 2017

Claire Chappee – October 2017

Chloe Baratta - October 2017

Chloe Baratta – October 2017

Sedra Khan - September 2017

Sedra Khan – September 2017


Ariel Maret – March 2017

Anupriya Mathews – February 2017

Tiffany Chung – November 2016

Stephany Ruiz-Gonzalez – October 2016

Sanjana Epari – September 2016

Janani Neelakantan – 2016

Jacqueline S

Jacqueline Swift – March 2016

Amy Gozdowiak - February 2016

Amy Gozdowiak – February 2016

Alpa Kotak - February 2016

Alpa Kotak – February 2016

Megan Dague - October 2015

Megan Dague – October 2015


Jillian Economy – September 2015


Ricardo Acros – March 2015


Tania Wilson – February 2015


Mary Linda Kuriakose – January 2015


Paula Debkowska – December 2014


Alpa Kotak – October 2014


Grace Brown – September 2014


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