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   Megan Dague

  Major:Electrical Engineering
Fun fact: I am a quadruplet!

   Executive Vice President

     Angelica Smith
Major: Bio-Engineering
Fun fact:I have never been outside the country ever !

    Vice President of Student Affairs

  Grace Brown
Major: Bio-Engineering
Fun fact: I play the violin!


Stephanie Gomez-Luz
Major: Electrical Engineering
Fun fact: I own 15 different game consoles – not including my PC(that I built myself)!


 Communications Chair


   Anupriya Mathews
Major: Bio-Engineering
Fun fact: I love to travel and have visited 7 countries!

Communications Co-Chair

  Sedra Khan
Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun fact: I love the outdoors and nature !

Outreach Chair

Ariel Maret

Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun fact: I play the viola!

 Outreach Co-Chair


  Pooja Vemu
Major: Computer Science
Fun fact:I love photography and have my own website displaying all of my photographs (vemuphotography.weebly.com)

Fundraising Chair


Tiffany Chung
Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun fact: I’ve been playing for violin for more than 10 years and I love to play for fun now!

    Fundraising Co-Chair

Claire Chappee
Major: Computer Engineering
Fun fact:I live in the most haunted city in America!

Planning Committee Chair

Asra pic 

 Asra Mubeen
Major: Bio-Engineering
Fun fact: I enjoy traveling, baking, and doing hot yoga!

Planning Committee Co-Chair


 Haley Patel
Major: Bio-Engineering
Fun fact: I play for the UIC Women’s Rugby Team!

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