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     Shilpa Kolachina
Major: Bio-engineering
Fun fact: I’ve been singing Indian classical music since I was 6

       Executive Vice President


       Christie Massie
Major: Bio-engineering
Fun fact: I had a summer job on an onion farm before college

         Vice President of Student Affairs


         Grace Brown
Major: Bio-engineering
Fun fact: I can play the violin!



        Stephanie Sagun
Major: Electrical Engineering
Fun fact: I play the ukulele!

   Communications Chair


Megan Dague
Major: Electrical Engineering
Fun fact: I am a quadruplet!

     Communications Co-Chair


Angelica Smith
Major: Bio-engineering
Fun fact: I’ve never been out of the country. Ever!

     Communications Co-Chair

  Rina Binxhiu
Major: Computer engineering
Fun fact: I attended each high school year in different countries!

      Outreach Chair


           Lorena Neves Pereira 
Major: Chemical engineering
Fun fact: I was born in Brazil!

        Outreach Co-Chair


 Amy M Gozdowiak
Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun fact: An aspiring yogi and background in art!

  Outreach Co-Chair


  Karen Yung
Major: Civil Engineering
Fun fact: I have spent two summers interning in Germany!

  Fundraising Chair


Alyssa Marie Straits
Major: Bio-engineering
Fun fact: I have measured most of the trees on campus! I am a lumberjack!

    Fundraising Co-Chair


Alpa Kotak
      Major: Bio Engineering
Fun fact:My favorite color is green!

Fundraising Co-Chair

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Mariane Hernandes
Major: Industrial Engineering
Fun fact: I love to travel and meet new people!


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