Mentor & Mentee of the Semester

At the end of each semester, the mentor and mentee of the semester will be selected based on their dedication and progress.

Fall 2017

Mentor of the semester

Mentee of the semester

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Ouday Hanosh 

Electrical Engineering

A note from his Mentee: “He is very good and very smart. He inspires me and would love to take his guidance for any queries I have with respect to my subjects even in the Future semesters. He also helps me with other stuff which he feels I must necessarily know. Hence it’s very constructive for me and for my development. “

Shreya Chaudhry


A note from her Mentor: “She’s very determined and studious! Ambitious and has a plan. Comes with questions! Even open to social events like SWE meet and greet!”


Spring 2018 

Mentor of the semester

Mentee of the semester

Sahara Yousef

 Blanca Puma Burmeo

Computer Science  Computer Engineering

Fall 2018 

To be Announced

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