SWE Leading Lady of March 2016

Jacqueline S


Jacqueline Swift


Jacqueline is a senior mechanical engineering student with a minor in physics. Similar to people in any engineering major, she was good at math and science while growing up. She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do, so mechanical engineering was the perfect choice, as it delves into such a broad variety of topics. And she is thrilled that she made the decision that she did. Her sophomore year, she joined AIAA at UIC, and ever since she has immersed herself in all sorts of aerospace systems. Now, she is the president of AIAA at UIC and gets to build and launch rockets for fun (and hopefully for a living at some point.) Her dad was also an electrical engineer which, she’s sure, had a strong influence on her decision.

Sometimes, she sleeps if she has the time. She is an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan and sometimes enters in Duathlons or other races for fun.

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