GradSWE Committee

Niloofar Tehrani

GradSWE President

Major: Materials Engineering – PhD

Fun fact: I started playing violin when I was 8, then when I turned 18 I chose to become a Materials Engineer, the most opposite to arts and now I’m getting my Ph.D. in it! I always thought of making a violin out of metal for my undergrad project to fulfill both sides of my brain!


Negar Kamali

GradSWE Vice President

Major: Civil Engineering – PhD

Fun fact: I used to believe I can never code and my brain is just not capable of solving programming problems. I’ve failed basic programming twice in college. I ended up hating it and promised myself to stay away from it. But here I am now, at the third year of my PhD, in computational mechanics. coding up difficult problems in physics and mechanics every single day. and you know what, it’s just the best feeling in the world when you go past your fears and failures.


Surya Narayanan


Major: bioEngineering – PhD

Fun fact: As a kid, it was always a pleasure to climb neighbor’s trees to steal some fruits!


Raksha Rai

Raksha Kishore Rai

Outreach Chair

Major: Environmental Engineering – M.S.

Fun fact: I like to be on-site and solve real-life Environmental Challenges. I climbed 60 m height monkey ladder on the very first day of my work in the Steel Industry to troubleshoot Air pollution issues.



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