GradSWE Committee

Niloofar Tehrani

GradSWE President

Major: Materials Engineering – PhD

Fun fact: I started playing violin when I was 8, but when I turned 18 I chose to become a Materials Engineer, the most opposite to arts and now I’m getting my Ph.D. in it! So, I made a violin out of metal!


Negar Kamali

GradSWE Vice President

Major: Civil Engineering – PhD

Fun fact: I used to believe I can never code and my brain is just not capable of solving programming problems. I’ve failed basic programming twice in college. I ended up hating it and promised myself to stay away from it. But here I am now, at the third year of my PhD, in computational mechanics. coding up difficult problems in physics and mechanics every single day. and you know what, it’s just the best feeling in the world when you go past your fears and failures.

TanvirTanvir Ahamed

WEMENTOR Coordinator

Major: Civil Engineering – PhD

Fun fact: My parents used to encourage me to become a doctor ever since my childhood. Their vision was stimulated and got direction with an unanticipated event at a point when I was diagnosed with double pneumonia. My doctor was amused when he heard me saying that I would inject him if I were a doctor. However, the affliction of the working class commuters in my country propelled me to pursue a career of improving traffic situations in my country and elsewhere. Currently, I am delving myself into developing model for city logistics to cope with ever increasing demand while providing solution for environmental concerns. I believe with positive mindset and dedication we can reduce the growing burden of people around the world and make our community more livable.



Neshat Mohmmadi

Outreach Chair

Major: Computer science – PhD

Fun fact: I wanted to become an astronaut (just like many other kids!). Then I found out I cannot be a female astronaut in my country. When I was at the hight of disappointment, I saw Anousheh Ansari who was the first space traveler to go to space. She lived my dreams and she was an Electrical Engineer- Computer Scientist! So I decided to follow her footsteps and become a very rich Electrical Engineer- Computer Scientist and then go to space! I’m ECE alumni and currently studying PhD at CS department. I’m only a light year away from my dreams.



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