GradSWE Committee



Neshat Mohmmadi

GradSWE President

Major: Computer science – PhD

Fun fact: I wanted to become an astronaut (just like many other kids!). Then I found out I cannot be a female astronaut in my country. When I was at the hight of disappointment, I saw Anousheh Ansari who was the first space traveler to go to space. She lived my dreams and she was an Electrical Engineer- Computer Scientist! So I decided to follow her footsteps and become a very rich Electrical Engineer- Computer Scientist and then go to space! I’m ECE alumni and currently studying PhD at CS department. I’m only a light year away from my dreams.

Niloofar Tehrani

GradSWE Vice President

Major: Materials Engineering – PhD

Fun fact: I started playing violin when I was 8, but when I turned 18 I chose to become a Materials Engineer, the most opposite to arts and now I’m getting my Ph.D. in it! So, I made a violin out of metal!



Aimen Lateef

GradSWE Secretary

Major: Chemical Engineering

Fun fact: I enjoy biking and spend my free time working at a super cool biotech startup: LanzaTech


Srishti Pyasi

Publicity Chair

Major: Computer Science

Fun fact: I live for books and good company. Also, studying computer science hadn’t been in the plans but sheer luck and chance wound me up here. 





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