SWEet Beginnings: Fall 2015

11891489_10102070855635829_8682489028096683993_oSWE UIC, with the support of Women in Engineering Programs,  organizes this annual event for first-year female engineering students. The goal is to help them feel empowered and ready to kick off their first semester at UIC! Students are invited to spend an entire day on campus to attend informative presentations, meet upperclassmen and their new peers; and take part in fun engineering-related activities.

New students: stay tuned for our Fall 2016 SWEet Beginnings Event! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from our event in Fall 2015!

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GradSWE “Mentors and Leaders from the Industry” with four female engineers in the leadership positions. The talk will focus on the techniques to be a successful leader in the industry in an engineering work environment. In addition, a joint mentorship program between these leaders from the industry and undergrad/graduate students will be initiated as a part of the “WEMENTOR” program for the next semester. 


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SWE National Conference WE’17! 

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                 Mom, Me & SWE Spring 2017!     


                              Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2017! 

                             Introduce to Engineering - Feb '17-208

                                                                                  Mom, Me & SWE Fall 2016!                                                         

                                  Mom, Me, _ SWE - Nov '16-1

                                      GradSWE Bowling Kick-off Event 2016!


                                                                                  SWEet Beginnings Brunch 2016 !                                                             


                                                                                                                     Alumni Dinner!!3392_10102319709969749_8548925083893482090_n