SWE National Conference: Nashville 2015

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From October 22nd to October 25th , 16 members of SWE UIC had the opportunity to participate in the Society of Women Engineers National Conference aka SWE15, in Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks to the generous funding from the UIC College of Engineering the group of undergrad and graduate students had a jam-packed experience filled with networking, interviews, company talks, and more! See below for what some of the members say about their experience:

“This past October, I had the opportunity to attend my 2nd national Society of Women Engineers conference with the UIC Chapter of SWE. And I am incredibly grateful to the UIC College of Engineering for sponsoring this this opportunity. It has been a really outstanding experience from attending talks, to the career fairs, to the hospitality suites. It’s a great opportunity to meet other female engineers from across the country and see what amazing things they accomplish! If you are passionate about engineering, then the SWE Conference is the place for you!” – Mahavish M.


“Earlier, I just knew about SWE but now I must say that I believe in SWE. This was my first national conference with SWE UIC and it was sponsored by UIC College of Engineering. The conference had various talks about the latest innovations in the industry and the inspirational ones that were worth attending. The 2-day career fair had ample opportunities, all you need to know is what you actually want. There were on the spot interviews too! All in all, it was a great experience and I am thankful to SWE for giving me the chance. I look forward to attend the conference every year and “Reach Out to Reach Up”.” – Ila T.


“I’ve been lucky enough to attend the SWE conference the past 2 years, thanks to the UIC College of Engineering. Last year’s conference was very overwhelming (in the best way possible)– I had no idea how many amazing companies would be there trying to recruit future female engineering grads! This year I went in with a great idea of what to expect, and was able to interview with three different companies and network with several others. Since the conference, I’ve been in touch with several of my new connections and have had a few follow-up interviews. In addition to all the career opportunities, the conference offers hundreds of career talks, relevant for every career level with any engineering concentration. It’s so incredible to see so many women in engineering come together from all over the country (and world) at these conferences, and I look forward to attending as a professional in the future!” – Annie M.


“This was my first conference I ever went to, and being a freshman, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even though this conference is geared toward juniors and seniors who are looking for internships and jobs, there was still a lot of things for me to do! I went to the Career Fair, which was amazing. There were so many companies there and I was able to learn from other people just by watching them interact with different companies. Even though I was a freshman, companies still talked to me and said they would be interested in me in a year or two. The events were great as well. I was able to learn a lot from attending the talks and networking with other students and professionals at the hospitality suites. The SWE Conference is an amazing conference to attend, and I’m so glad I went because I learned a lot! It’s a great experience that everyone should try to go to, whether you’re a freshman or a senior.” – Megan D.


“This was my third national conference with SWE UIC and I have been generously sponsored by the UIC College of Engineering each time. This was my last time attending the SWE Conference as a student and I am looking forward to being able to attend as a professional recruiter – hopefully enabling a young motivated female engineer to reach for the stars like I did.. The SWE Conference has a different location each year but each year the organization manages to make it more and more amazing. From the companies that they invite, to the hospitality suites, and the general schedule of events; the organization really has a knack for getting people excited about the future of women in engineering and the discoveries being made by people in the organization! It is really my favorite conference that I have attended simply because of the energy that is generated at the event.” – Emily B.


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